Packaged Units

Lennox® packaged units are an all-in-one heating and cooling solution that’s idea for homes built on a crawlspace instead of a basement. The units have a compact footprint that allows for a quick installation and blends in with your outdoor environment.

Designed with convenience in mind, the units can be installed on a rooftop or outside your home, connecting to your ductwork through a secure opening in the wall.

Lennox packaged units are available in gas/electric, electric/electric, heat pump and dual-fuel models. As efficient as they are versatile, Lennox packaged units offer efficiencies of up to 16 SEER and 8.20 HSPF, helping you stay energy efficient and comfortable, too.

Constructed from the highest quality materials, Lennox packaged units are ruggedly designed to deliver year after year of reliable, energy-efficient operation. In addition, Lennox packaged units are compatible with the Lennox Healthy Climate® air purification accessory, which helps to make the air in your home healthier by destroying three types of airborne contaminants—particulates, bioaerosols and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

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