Brisa Rigid Media Window Cooler

Brisa Rigid Media Window Cooler

Simple Setup
Reliable Performance

Brisa Rigid Media Window Cooler

Put Your Energy Costs On Ice With
Brisa Window Coolers

More CFM – More Cooling Power

Engineered to give you more cooling power for less money! The Brisa line of evaporative window coolers deliver more CFM (cubic feet per minute of air) for each watt of energy consumed than comparative competitive models. This means quicker cooling as it absorbs heat from the air faster. Brisa can cost between 15% to 28% less to operate and achieve equivalent results. Ask your qualified contractor about the benefits of the Brisa line of Window Coolers.

Brisa model RBW5001 includes a convenient remote control for easy remote control cooling.

How Dependable is BRISA?

Brisa Evaporative Coolers are built with materials of the highest quality and are designed to stand the test of time. Our products are backed by a 10-year limited warranty, so you can rest assured.

Fully Assembled

Our window units are available in several different models and sizes to best serve your individual cooling needs. The units are fully assembled so you can simply connect a water supply line, attach the chain kit and cooler legs, and plug the cord in to enjoy the benefits of your new cooler.

Features & Benefits

10 year Warranty against leaks due to rust out

Finishing Process PMI's exclusive MIRROSCOPIC Blower shaft finish process yields a 90% improvement over the industry standard "ground finish". This means quieter operation as well as longer bearing and shaft life for your cooler!

Easy Access Gravity-Held Doors Easy to remove access doors reduce maintenance time.

Easy Setup Junction box allows for easy plug-in connections of motor and pump (2200-6500 CFM).

Quiet Operation Oversized balanced blower wheels generate maximum air while providing quiet operation.

Durable low sump pump

PEBLAR XT Protective Powder Coating Our exclusive Peblar XT surface preparation is the highest quality and most costly outdoor architectural grade finish used in the industry to date. This attractive, multi-layered bonded treatment protects your cooler against corrosion and assures years of reliable service.